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Developing wellness in your practice.

Does this sound like your medical practice? 

  • Myself and my staff work harder and harder for less income.

  • Staff turnover is killing my practice.

  • Medical reimbursements continue to decline.

  • I can’t seem to find a way for my cash services to grow.

I can create a custom “prescription” of the unique elements you need to build the practice you want. Reach out today to get started!


Elemental Practice Development, LLC is a purpose driven private practice training, coaching and consulting firm.  My purpose is threefold:

  1. Develop sustainable methods to improve patient experiences through transformative approaches to wellness & leadership.

  2. Reduce burnout by positively impacting professionals and the team culture of the businesses they lead.

  3. Connect and encourage people to transcend their circumstances.


Every private practice is different, and some may require solutions that others do not. In order to best serve all of my clients, I offer a Practice Health Diagnostic Tool that helps you assess the health of your team, your practice, and your direction. My services include:

Medical Training

People Training

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